Real Experiences, Stunning Results


"Taylor is the absolute best trainer/friend anyone could ask for. She goes above and beyond to prepare you not only physically, but mentally for your upcoming event. In my case, it was for pageants. I have tried multiple programs and different diets, but nothing really worked for me because the tweaks I wanted were so minor, and I build muscle pretty easy from my gymnastic background that I really didn't want. I stumbled across Taylor's instagram, and sent her a DM. From the moment she first responded, I felt like she just understood where I was coming from and TOTALLY got me. I have never had a trainer where I felt this way. Taylor knew exactly what to do and what workouts to give me to keep me lean and toned. Then OMG, one day I was going through my drawers and I tried on a pair of jeans that I had bought a while ago, but they didn’t fit and couldn’t return them and decided to try them on and they fit perfectly with room to spare. Taylor helped me make more changes in 2 weeks than the past 10 months! Taylor is a gem and I am so lucky that I found her. She helped me look and feel my best. We have never even met in person and all this was accomplished via FaceTime and text. I’m literally 1,000 miles away from her. I could go on and on about how amazing she is! So thankful for all her expertise and guidance over the past 18 months.”

Sophie Burzynski


"I came across Taylor while working out at a group fitness class. Her energy attracted me to her immediately. I would see her training people individually and was curious about what she could offer me one on one. So, I booked an appointment with her. Right away, she took measurements, before pictures, and had a plan for reaching my goals. I was able to see a difference within 2 weeks of training with her. In addition, she has the education to back up the workouts and meal plans that she is leading you through. Having a degree from Texas Tech in Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences with a focus on Nutritional Sciences, Exercise and Sports Sciences, & Human Developmental Family Studies. Her professionalism, knowledge, and positive can-do attitude backed up with RESULTS are what keep me coming back."

Alice Moore