Hear What Others Have to Say


"I have been training with Taylor now for about one year, and the results have been amazing! Not only has she completely changed the way I view diet and exercise, but she has always been there through the tough times as a trainer and friend. She is one of the most kind-hearted people I have met in the industry, and she truly cares about the well-being of her clients."

Helena O


“I have been training with Tay Tay for the past few years. I can’t imagine not waking up in Los Angeles to virtually FaceTime train with Taylor in Dallas. She is one of my favorite humans, trainers, and mentor. All in the privacy and comfort of my own home. It’s easy, I only need a mat, ankle weights, and 3-5 pound weights. She keeps me camera ready all year long.”

Anicia Bragg


"Babe, bad***, and on fire. If you have goals, she's your partner in crime. And did I mention, she is a total sweetheart."

Amanda Marie


"Taylor is not only a great trainer, but also one of the best, most hard working people you will ever meet. She had trained me for some months and had always pushed me to my limits in the gym. She never gave up on me, and most importantly, never let me give up on myself. Whether it be as a trainer, or just a friend, she is always there for you no matter what. She is someone who cares about your life, as well as your goals."

Cass M


"Taylor doesn't only have passion, but she loves and cares for her clients more than just training them physically. She cares about their mind and heart as well."

Chelsea B


“Taylor is as driven as she is caring for others, I’ve worked with Taylor for a few years, and she has been a close friend ever since. She is very hardworking and always puts others needs above her own. She keeps you motivated not just just in fitness but in life as well. I could honestly go on and on about how much she has helped me in life, but that would take forever! I honestly can say she is a real genuine person whose main goal  is to see you succeed!!!!”

Eddie G


"You are RAPID to respond and ALWAYS there. I think when it comes to Taylor Andrews, it's not so much about what you get, it's WHO you're getting when hiring her. :)"

Kimmy J


“I consider Taylor to be one of my best friends, and it wasn’t until I met her that I had a confidante I could be 100% real with. The amount of times she has helped me through a challenging life situation is more than I would like to admit! I slowly have started to feel more confident in myself and the choices I make thanks to her guidance!”

Neka C


"Taylor is more than just a trainer. I worked out with her multiple times a week and saw my body and my spirit change. After our training sessions, I found myself physically stronger and leaving with a positive attitude. She is extremely prepared, detail oriented, always early, and constantly has new methods to challenge you. Taylor is one of the most resilient and positive people I have met, and I feel lucky some of those traits have influenced me while training with her."

Olivia L


"Taylor is the absolute best! She is so motivating and has always pushed me to be my best mentally and physically. She got me in my best shape with her nutrition plan as I am injured and cannot do much fitness. We live in different states, so I have never personally met her, but I know with her motivation, I can always trust her to be her best self not only for her, but for others too. Go Taylor!! :)"

Elise B


"I have known Taylor for about 10 years now, and I cannot begin to tell you how encouraging and fruitful our conversations have been over the years. Taylor is grounded in what she does and has a passion for helping others. She is always looking to improve not only her life, but of those around her, by being present, attentive, and supportive. I absolutely recommend Taylor to anyone looking to reach their career or personal goals."

George N


“Taylor is an incredible mentor ,coach and friend. She helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life mentally and physically. She is a quintessential woman- strong, inspiring, and kind. Her presence is contagious, so you will have no problem achieving your goals with her around.”

Kara H


“I loved working out with Taylor. She was basically my first friend in Dallas and made my experience amazing. Taylor gave me workouts for when I would travel, was always available over text, and somedays when I needed to skip, she would only encourage me, which is really reassuring that she is as much a part of this journey as I am. I can't express my gratitude enough for Taylor in the gym and outside!”

Alexis Pence